B&D Machine Works, Inc. Established in 1959

Welcome to B&D Machine Works, Inc. We are a full service fabrication and machine shop based in Marissa Illinois with over 55 years of experience. Our main complex, which is over 32,000 sq ft, houses our machine and fabrication departments as well as our painting/sandblasting facility. Additionally, our stress relieving oven capable of heating material to a temperature of up to 1800ºF, is also located at our main complex. Inside we have lifting capacities of 60 tons with 18 feet of vertical lift for large jobs.

B&D also has a second complex in Sparta Illinois which has over 31,000 sq ft of floor space where we disassemble/reassemble or assemble the large machines and equipment we are repairing, modifying, upgrading or building new, per our customer’s request. This location also has its own inside painting and sandblasting facility and has the same lifting capacities as our main location.