B&D is a full service steel fabricator. Our experienced staff of engineers, welders and machinists can assist our customers from conceptual design to the final high quality product that meets or exceeds all of our customers expectations.

  • Mig Welding
  • weldingTig Welding
  • Smaw Welding
  • Bore Welding
  • Sub-Arc Welding
  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Brush Welding
  • Weld Overlay
  • Plasma Spray
  • Exotic Material Welding
  • Established Welding and Test Procedures
  • Full Testing (Destructive and Non-Destructive)
  • ASME and AWS Certified Welders
  • Plate Bending capacity to 2″ thickness x 144″ in length
  • Pipe Bending equipment
  • CNC Oxyfuel/Plasma Burn Table capacity 10″ x 96″ x 240″ Plate
  • Plate Shear capacity to 3/4″ x 168″
  • Band Saws – Steel Bars, I-Beams, etc.

In-house heat treatment oven for weld stress relief and annealing of any metal part or weldment. (VSR) Vibratory stress relief is also available of any metal part or weldment that requires this type of non-thermal weld stress relief.


Large Mills
Union Large Horizontal Boring Mill
9′-6″ Vertical Travel
21′-6″ “X” Travel
46″ Spindle Travel
19″ Column Travel “W”

G&L CNC Large Horizontal Boring Mill
10′-0″ Vertical Travel
30′-0″ “X” Travel
46″ Spindle Travel

Lucas 6120 Large Horizontal Boring Mill
118″ Vertical Travel
115″ “X” Travel
58″ Spindle Travel
48″ x 64″ Rotary Table

Cincinnati Gilbert
84″ Vertical Travel
120″ “X” Travel
33″ Spindle Travel

Cincinnati Gilbert
60″ Vertical Travel
72″ “X” Travel
24″ Spindle Travel

CNC Milling Machine Centers
Hurco VMX64
64″ X, 34″ Y, 30″ Z

Hurco VMX50
50″ X, 26″ Y, 24″ Z

Hurco VMX30
30″ X, 20″ Y, 24″ Z

Grutzpe CNC Lathe

157.48″ Between Centers
39.37″ Swing Over Bed
25.8″ Swing Over Cross-Slide
4.14″ Spindle Bore

Alpha 550 CNC Lathe
78.74″ Between Centers
21.81″ Swing Over Bed
14.56″ Swing Over Cross-Slide
3.55″ Spindle Bore

Manual Lathes
Bullard Vertical Turret Lathe
72″Ø Maximum Diameter
60″ Z

Summit M24 Lathe
120″ Between Centers
17″ Swing Over Bed
17″ Swing Over Cross-Slide
4.12″ Spindle Bore

Lion C13MB Lathe
196.85″ Between Centers
31-1/2″ Swing Over Bed
21-1/4″ Swing Over Cross-Slide
4.12″ Spindle Bore

Clausing Colchester 600 Variable Speed Lathe
80″ Between Centers
21.8″ Swing Over Bed
14.5″ Swing Over Cross-Slide
4.12″ Spindle Bore

Clausing Colchester 18″
80″ Between Centers
18.1″ Swing Over Bed
10.6″ Swing Over Cross-Slide
3.05″ Spindle Bore

Harrison M390 Lathe
50″ Between Centers
15.7″ Swing Over Bed
9.7″ Swing Over Cross-Slide
2.18″ Spindle Bore

Oerlikon DM6a Lathe
236.22″ Between Centers
59.04″ Swing Over Bed
43.3″ Swing Over Cross Slide
Spindle Bore

Cincinnati Roll Grinder
168″ Between Centers
Ø18″ Maximum Diameter Roll

Blanchard Vertical Surface Grinder
44″ Diameter x 21″ Tall

Chevalier FSG-1224AD Surface Grinder
24″X, 12″Y, 19-3/4″ From Spindle Center To Table

Steel Strip Tension Tester

Steel Strip Tension Tester

100 Ton Scissors Lift Coil Car

100 Ton Scissors Lift Coil Car

Tundish Dump Portable Skid System

Tundish Dump Portable Skid System

Tundish with 50 Ton Tundish Lift Tackle

Tundish with 50 Ton Tundish Lift Tackle